I've been trying to share a folder between my guest, Cent OS, and host, Windows 10, using VMWare Workstation 14 Player. The easiest way, drag&dropping files from host to guest, does not work properly, as one or more files always ends up being of a smaller file size and thus corrupted, even though there is enough storage space in the virtual machine.

Then I have done the steps below to enable folder sharing from the host to the guest OS:


  • Shared the folder with everyone (to assure that there is no permit limitations with my files)


  • VM -> Settings -> Options -> Shared Folders. And added my folder.
  • As per the suggestion of several posts on here, I've run vmware-config-tools.pl multiple times, e.g.:

    sudo vmware-config-tools.pl -d --clobber-kernel-modules=vmhgfs

..but the /mnt/hgfs folder, where my shared folder was meant to appear, remains empty!

I have gone through the VMware manual, and I am sure that I have followed their requirements. I am still not sure the VMware tools are installed completely, since typing vmware-hgsclient in the guest OS terminal returns the error "command not found".

Any suggestions?


First of all you need to create a folder where the mount should be pointed to.

sudo mkdir /your_shared_folder

Then you should see your vmware shared folder using this command:

sudo vmware-hgfsclient

If you do see your shared folder then runnign this should mount your vmware shared folder to the folder you previously created:

sudo vmhgfs-fuse /your_shared_folder

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