I have been browsing Git Basics - Viewing the Commit History as well as Git Tools - Searching and while most of the ways seem straight-forward I have been trying to figure out if there was a way to figure out the author who has done the most commits or/and the committers who has done most of the commits in a porject.

I am sure there would be some ways like -

  1. Find the author who has done the most commits in a project.

  2. find the authors who have done the most commits in a descending manner.

  3. Find committers who have done the most commits in a project

and things like that. It could make for some interesting analysis of a project's state per se.

Do people have any idea what could be done in the above instance?

I am on Debian buster.

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There is a Git command specifically made for this purpose.

git shortlog --numbered --summary

or simply:

git shortlog -ns

See the manpage git-shortlog(1) for more details.

git log --pretty=format:%aN | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

git log --pretty=format:%aN outputs just the author name for every commit. sort collects all the repeated names together, then uniq -c turns each run of equal lines into the number of repetitions and the value, before sorting numerically. You can take the last line (tail -n 1) to find the most prolific, reverse the sort (sort -nr) for descending, or whatever other processing you like.


You could write your own tool to parse the git log, or you could use a tool such as GitStats which will produce a report listing, amongst other things, the top committers; see for example this old report on the Linux kernel.

There are also services which will add analytics to projects; see for example Bitergia, which produces this sort of Kibana front-end.

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