This problem is a bit weird and complex. I recently installed linux on virtualbox.So when I run the system I can access websites from firefox using the linux system.At the same time I can access websites from windows.But the problem is when I type iwconfig in terminal I cannot find any wlan interface.I am supposed to get a wlan interface like wlan0 as I have a TP LINK network adapter. Now when I select my usb device from the device>USB I loosed internet connection from windows.After doing this I can't even access websites from linux.But now if I type iwconfig in the terminal I get a wlan0 interface.What is the problem?


There is no problem. You're just experiencing the fact that only one system can have control of a USB device at a time. Your VM doesn't have a virtual wireless interface; it likely has a virtual ethernet interface. On the VM settings, you will want to set the network setting to either "Bridged" (which will make it look to your network like the VM is just another host on the same segment) or "NAT" (which makes your host computer act as a router for the VM). Leave your physical network interface under the control of the physical computer.

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