I am trying to recover data from a HDD.

For this purpose I am using Knoppix 8.1 on a DVD.

Running sudo fdisk -l gives me the following results for the specified HDD:

Gerät      Boot    Anfang       Ende   Sektoren  Größe Kn Typ
/dev/sda1              63       2047       1985 992,5K 42 SFS
/dev/sda2  *         2048     206847     204800   100M 42 SFS
/dev/sda3          206848  642795519  642588672 306,4G 42 SFS
/dev/sda4       642795520 1953523119 1310727600   625G 42 SFS

Knoppix mounts /dev/sda3 which is the OS partition automatically. It cannot mount /dev/sda4 however, which is where all the data is that I want to rescue. Mounting it manually won't work. It says:

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on .....

With ddrescue I created images of sda3 and sda4 which wasn't really a problem. Mounting the image for sda4 doesn't work here either. I haven't found much about mounting a SFS partition. Is there any way do something about that? Next steps I am trying is flashing Knoppix on USB so I can install packages which might be useful for my usecase.

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