In the skype 4.3 sounds were in the /usr/share/skype/sounds folder (Ubuntu 16.04). I could replace the CallRingingIn.wav file to another and change the ringtone this way. But in the new skype (since the 5 version), I can't do this - the /usr/share/skypeforlinux folder doesn't contain sound files.

I also checked the /home/minimax/.config/skypeforlinux/ - there are not sound files, too.

Skype version:

Question 1: Does the changing of sounds possible in the new skype and how it can be done?

The problem I want to solve in real are next: some music files (including those played online, like youtube) has low loudness, so it needed to increase overall system loudness, while playing these files, and if a skype call happens in this moment, it hits to the ears. So, I change the CallRingingIn.wav to its copy with the lowered by 10-20% loudness and the problem is solved.

Question 2: How do you solve this kind of problems?


Recent versions of Skype use PulseAudio, which allows you to set audio volume levels on a per-application basis. Rather than trying to change sounds in the skypeforlinux installation, I would suggest you use that.

To access per-application volume settings, run pavucontrol.

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