I have decide to include uvcvideo on /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf for privacy, and after reboot the notebook my browsers - Chromium and Firefox - started to lag a lot. Open new tabs, rolling pages, open sites becomes very slow. I even have typing lag. So I decided remove uvcvideo from the blacklist, reboot the machine and aparently things come back to normal... but sometimes when I turn on my notebook the browser return to the same slow state. They just come back to normal if I clean all the history of browser with Bleachbit and reboot the machine.

Sometimes I turn on my machine and things works normal. Sometimes don't. And the only change I done on my system was the mencioned above.

I'm using Debian 9 (minimal install with XFCE).

Edit: I have decided to re-install Chromium. I --purge the package as a root and delete the ~/.config/chromium/ file. Let's see if this solve the problem. I need some reboots and hours of use to say if this works. Let's pray.

Edit 2: Works. The browser returns to his normal state. And guess what? When I decide to add the webcam driver again, the browser becomes very slow. I had to do all the job again deleting the Chromium file and so on.

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