I really have no need for the majority of the C0 and C1 control codes.
For example the key-sequence Alt+Shift+o produces the C1 control code ESC 0.
This is useless to me and I would rather have that bind freed up for something else.

So is there a way to configure a way to suppress these keys sequences in my .Xresources file?
Or perhaps is another way that I haven't discovered?
Or for that matter is it even possible?

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That AltShifto is seen by xterm as a keypress event for o combined with modifiers. The Shift key is a predefined modifier in X, for instance.

The translations resource can be used to map various modifier/key combinations to a string which is sent to xterm. You can make that string "any" sequence of characters (no modifiers!), and it happens before xterm sees keypress events.

In your .Xresources file, you'd override or modify key bindings by a multi-line setting starting with

*VT100*translations:      #override \n\

and the bindings on successive lines. The Default Key Bindings section of the xterm manual has examples.

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