Trying to build vmware tools for my 32 bit Centos 7. I took source from github

Trying to follow instruction with small changes:

autoreconf -i 
./configure --without-kernel-modules ./configure --enable-deploypkg=no --without-ssl --without-icu --without-dnet --without-gtkm3
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

What I should do now? Where is output and how to install it? Should I expect RPM?

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  1. autoreconf -i - produces from the configure.ac the configure script which you call on the next step.
  2. ./configure ... - produces from templates (Makefile.in, some_file.in) output files (Makefile, somefile) considering parameters that you pass too configure script. On this steps detect your CPU, compilers and so on.
  3. make - compile all files (maybe something else).
  4. make install - install all files to system directories.
  5. ldconfig - update system library cache and system library links.

If you did this steps without errors, then you have successfully installed vmware tools.

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