Suppose I have 4 physical cores (indexed 0-3) and I'm dedicating cores 1-3 to a shield for user applications and trying to steer all system threads onto core 0. I'm following the answers here and using cset:

# /usr/local/bin/cset shield --cpu 1-3  
cset: --> activating shielding:
cset: moving 145 tasks from root into system cpuset...
cset: "system" cpuset of CPUSPEC(0) with 145 tasks running
cset: "user" cpuset of CPUSPEC(1-3) with 0 tasks running

However, I don't seem to be able to move all my kernel threads onto core 0:

# cset shield --kthread on
cset shield --kthread on
cset: --> activating kthread shielding
cset: kthread shield activated, moving 175 tasks into system cpuset...
cset: **> 30 tasks are not movable, impossible to move
cset: done

The Ubuntu man page says that the --kthread flag only applies to unbound kernel threads:

   -k on|off, --kthread=on|off
       shield from unbound interrupt threads as well

so I presume I need to move the bound kernel threads away from cores 1-3 as well. How do I do that? (Preferably on CentOS.)

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