Why is `ioerr_cnt` rising, without showing any messages in the log?

I'm struggling a bit to work out what process does this. sudo lsof +D /dev/ doesn't seem to show any processes with a SCSI device currently open, but I don't see any relevant open() calls at the time of the errors either (cd /dev && sudo fatrace -c)...

[Answer:] udisks polls drives every ten minutes e.g. for SMART data.

$ ps -ax|grep udisksd
  810 ?        Ssl    0:13 /usr/libexec/udisks2/udisksd
$ sudo strace -t -f -p 810
[pid   810] 14:11:09 clone(strace: Process 26543 attached
child_stack=0x7f8fc551ddf0, flags=CLONE_VM|CLONE_FS|CLONE_FILES|CLONE_SIGHAND|CLONE_THREAD|CLONE_SYSVSEM|CLONE_SETTLS|CLONE_PARENT_SETTID|CLONE_CHILD_CLEARTID, parent_tidptr=0x7f8fc551e9d0, tls=0x7f8fc551e700, child_tidptr=0x7f8fc551e9d0) = 26543
[pid 26543] 14:11:09 set_robust_list(0x7f8fc551e9e0, 24 <unfinished ...>
[pid   810] 14:11:09 poll([{fd=4, events=POLLIN}, {fd=8, events=0}, {fd=9, events=0}, {fd=11, events=POLLIN}, {fd=13, events=POLLIN}], 5, 599968 <unfinished ...>
[pid 26543] 14:11:09 <... set_robust_list resumed> ) = 0
[pid 26543] 14:11:09 prctl(PR_SET_NAME, "pool") = 0
[pid 26543] 14:11:09 openat(AT_FDCWD, "/dev/sda", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK) = 14
[pid 26543] 14:11:09 ioctl(14, SG_IO, {guard='Q', protocol=BSG_PROTOCOL_SCSI, subprotocol=BSG_SUB_PROTOCOL_SCSI_CMD, ...

I don't know why fatrace did not seem to show this device being opened by udisks. It managed to show other device opens (like when I ran lsof, or when I started firefox and it opened /dev/dri/card0).

^ Does anybody know?

  • does the fanotify(7) example code compiled an run against the /dev directory show any activity? – thrig Apr 5 '18 at 14:32
  • That one seems completely silent, it doesn't show firefox opening /dev/dri even though fatrace -c at the same time does. However, I worded my original complaint wrong. fatrace only seems to show firefox opening /dev/dri, and not the actual device node /dev/dri/card0. Similarly, fatrace doesn't show anything for cat /dev/null. – sourcejedi Apr 5 '18 at 15:01

It seems that fatrace does not show any device opens. You can use it to see processes opening directories under /dev, like /dev/dri, but not device nodes like /dev/dri/card0.

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