/home/digadm02/.bash_history:#1520325239 /home/digadm02/.bash_history:sudo su

I have these kind of lines in file test.txt. I have to search the pattern of "#1520325239" and replace them with the value which I get from the command 'date -d @1520325239'. there are many lines like this. I have to read each line and replace it in the same file.

  • Just out of curiosity are you trying to clean your own mess from history? – Sagar Apr 5 '18 at 7:42

If I understand you well, the timestamp isn't just one, but many on similar lines. This script should do replacement you want:


# get timestamps from the file
dates=`sed -e '1,$s/^.*#\(.*\) \/.*/\1/' /tmp/test.txt`

for date in $dates
    # get human readable format from timestamp
    newdate=`date -d @${date}`
    # replace timestamp with human readable date
    sed -i "1,\$s/\#$date/$newdate/" /tmp/test.txt
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You can use below command as per your need

sed -i s/#1520325239/$(date -d @1520325239)/g .bash_history
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  • could you try to provide a bit more explantation on this expression ? – Kiwy Apr 5 '18 at 8:15

Use sed sed -i "/#1520325239/c$(date -d @1520325239)" test.txt

-i will modify the file in place. Omit the "i" to test your results first.

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