I have a Linux bootable ISO of Blancco Drive Eraser which only supports 64-bit CPUs. How can I use this ISO with a 32-bit CPU?

I want to erase the onboard eMMC on tablets. So far I've failed to find a 32-bit ISO of Blancco.


You can’t convert a 64-bit operating system to run on a 32-bit CPU.

Regarding your specific scenario, if you have a Blancco license, you should ask them directly (and you should be able to download the relevant image from your account). Blancco Drive Eraser isn’t intended for individual use anyway (see this page for details), and Blancco suggest you use DBAN instead. The current version of DBAN is available for 32-bit x86 systems.

  • I did try DBAN, it does not boot in UEFI system. I have couple of tablet PCS which has only 32bit UEFI system with windows 8 install. we do data wipeing and can not load Blancco. we also used whitecanyon in past but same problem. Both wipes Apple Systems, other UEFI base PCs but couple of tablet like PCs are not loading software. – Henry Apr 5 '18 at 10:06

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