I built the glibc-2.11 with arm-none-linux-gnueabi version 4.4.1. And I copy binaries to my board's rootfs. When I type "ldconfig", I met following errors.

**ldconfig: Can't open configuration file /home/gykim/working/s1cam/gykim/stream/bsp/linux/util/glibc-2.11/_install/etc/ld.so.conf: No such file or directory
ldconfig: Can't create temporary cache file /home/gykim/working/s1cam/gykim/stream/bsp/linux/util/glibc-2.11/_install/etc/ld.so.cache~: No such file or directory**

My configure options as follows.

*../configure --host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi --enable-add-ons=../glibc-ports-2.11,nptl,libidn CFLAGS='-O3' --prefix=/home/gykim/working/s1cam/gykim/stream/bsp/linux/util/glibc-2.11/_install*

Actually, I want to change these path to /etc/ without don't modify prefix. How can I change this path?


I found it by myself. Add following in the config.make.in file.

install_root = *$(DESTDIR)*

And type DESTDIR=*install_dir* in the command line.

$ ../configure ~~~
$ make
$ make install DESTDIR=${DESTDIR}

Then, the install directory is DESTDIR, and system dir is prefix.

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