Is it possible to have command-line access to Google Drive from the crosh shell? Conceivably, something like:

cd ~/'Google Drive'

In my current environment Developer is enabled so I've got root access to ChromeOS.

The Files App is a useful GUI, but I'm looking for command line access to the same file systems. Something I can run scripts from, cd, ls, etc.

If not native to ChromeOS, then is there a mounting utility that could be used in ChromeOS for command-line access? I realize there are several options such as google-drive-ocamlfuse, prasmussen/gdrive, skicka, etc.

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To access g-drive from from crosh terminal (you'll have to look in fuse first to get the drive id)

cd /media/fuse/drivefs-SOMEDRIVEID/root

If you use the Linux integration (crostini) you can also access this from the crosh shell via:

cd /media/fuse/crostini_SOMEDRIVEID
  • cd /media ERROR: unknown command: cd Jan 17, 2019 at 7:41
  • How does one "look in fuse first"? Jan 18, 2019 at 4:02

when they say "look in fuse", they mean look in /media/fuse to get the drive id

cd /media/fuse/

this should return "drivefs-(the drive ID)" then from there you can do

cd /media/fuse/(the drivefs-(ID) that was in /media/fuse/)/root

this should work, it worked for me

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