I have this bash-written hangman game for a school project, and currently I am trying to replace the ctrl-c exit command for a while loop break, so the user goes back from the actual game to the categories selection menu.

The code I am currently using is:

trap "break" SIGINT

and inside the while loop:

read CHAR

Everything works fine when a text is printed in the loop and also when the sleep command is running, but when the algorithm is at the read command, pressing ctrl-c just inputs "^C" on the console.

  • Please update your post to show all the steps you have taken. Include as much of the script as possible to help troubleshoot the issue. – kemotep Apr 3 '18 at 2:01

If bash is waiting for a command to complete and receives a signal for which a trap has been set, the trap will not be executed until the command completes.

That is the reason why the read is not interrupted.

The ^C is not printed by the shell but by the terminal due to the setting echoctl. If you execute stty -echoctl then it does not appear.

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