How could I find out how much storage all my development projects' nodeJS modules are taking up?

Maybe there is a better way, but I have all the projects within a directory. I thought maybe using find /path/to/JS/projects -name "node_modules" might be a good place to start. How would I constrain the depth (so as to not calculate node_mods for dependencies) and figure out the sizes of the directories' contents and add them up?


To limit the calculation to the top-most node_modules encountered (i.e., not calculate the size for dependencies, as you mention), you can run du and then prune:

find . -name node_modules -exec du -s {} \; -prune

This will show the size and name of all the top-most node_modules directories. To calculate the sum of all the sizes, feed it into e.g. AWK:

find . -name node_modules -exec du -s {} \; -prune |
awk '{ sum += $1 } END { print sum }'

You can feed that into numfmt to get “human-readable” values:

find . -name node_modules -exec du -s {} \; -prune |
awk '{ sum += $1 } END { print sum }' |
numfmt --to=iec

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