I have a Fedora system with a Xvfb display and an x11vnc server for remote connection. To keep programs running after SSH disconnects, a screen session is also set up. And usually, I run fluxbox and firefox in the screen session.

But starting from yesterday, I noticed something very strange. The firefox process will be terminated when SSH is disconnected, despite everything else (including fluxbox) still working in the screen session. So I googled a bit, most results suggest that it is normal for GUI programs in X display to exit when SSH is disconnected. But that is contradictory with my previous experience, I didn't have xpra or anything similar, yet firefox was still running after SSH was disconnected.

So, is there a definite answer to what's going on? Is it true that programs like firefox will exit even if run inside a screen session? If so, why did it keep running previously?

  • Maybe not strictly related to this question, but I actually checked dnf history, nothing was changed/updated. Firefox is auto-updated but reverting to the last working version does not affect this behavior either. – zypA13510 Mar 28 '18 at 17:30

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