When using the shell in PyCharm, I have noticed that when I type quickly, the auto-complete feature will cause characters to be dropped.

Is there a convenient way to start /bin/zsh and cause it to ignore $ZSH/oh-my-zsh.sh - maybe point to an alternative .zshrc file or something?

One possibility would be to set an env variable as a flag tell whether or not to load the plugin.

Looking for better/others suggestions and/or validation that this is a feasible approach, thanks!


You can set the ZDOTDIR environment variable to tell zsh to look for its configuration file in a different directory.

Alternatively, you can modify your .zshrc to check its parent process. Something like

parent_process_name=$(ps -o comm= $PPID)
if [[ "$parent_process_name" == "some-program" ]]; then …

Check what the actual command name is for some-program. If it's python, you'll need to check the command's arguments. Something like

parent_process_args=$(ps -o args= $PPID)
if [[ "$parent_process_name" == python(2|3|)\ PyCharm* ]]; then …

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