I need to create a service for a web server called daphne I would like to know what are the correct linux permissions for this. or if exists a general rule for whatever systemd service?


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Any local user can read the definition of any systemd system unit through the DBus interface (for example using systemctl show someUnitName), unless you have a custom DBus policy in place to prevent this.

Making the unit file not world-readable thus makes no sense and systemd will print a warning if applicable. Similarly, it will also warn if the unit file is marked executable.

Unless you want the unit file to be editable for a particular (non-root) user or group, stick to the same convention used for most other system files: 0644 root:root.

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    systemd can also manage user services, in which cases the definition goes into a user directory (such as ~/.config/systemd/user) instead of /etc/systemd, and the owner would be the user, not root.
    – Rolf
    Feb 26, 2019 at 23:54

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