Result of the netstat -i command in Solaris:

# netstat -i
Name  Mtu  Net/Dest      Address        Ipkts  Ierrs Opkts  Oerrs Collis Queue
lo0   8232 loopback      localhost      179    0     179    0     0      0
e1000g0 1500 solaris10     solaris10      38916  0     1301   0     0      0
e1000g1 1500     34284  0     20     0     0      0

Result of netstat -i 1 1 command in Solaris:

# netstat -i 1 1
    input   e1000g    output       input  (Total)    output
packets errs  packets errs  colls  packets errs  packets errs  colls
40117   0     1334    0     0      75747   0     1533    0     0

My question is:

  • Why netstat -i 1 1 lists only one interface, that is e1000g and not two interfaces like I got in netstat -i command, that is e1000g0 and e1000g1.?
  • What I should do if I want to get multiple interfaces in netstat -i 1 1 command.?
  • Yeah True @muru. Let me update the question. Thanks.. – Jay Joshi Mar 27 '18 at 8:52

Are you sure the e1000g1 interface is fully configured? I believe that netstat -i will only show output for configured interfaces for the host (in your case named "solaris10." You may also want to use -I to specify the interface you want to monitor.

The initial entry would also be the summary/historical value. You'll have to specify something other than "1" for the 2nd "1" to see more than just 1 iteration.

You may want to look at: pfexec dladm show-dev

  • I appreciate your answer , But I have to use netstat -i 1 2 in my case as i want to monitor bandwidth of the network (packets and KB sent and received per second). also, i can not run the script netstat -i 1 as the script should return and not run forever. I don't know what "fully configured" mean here.!?. and also netstat -I e1000g0 1 2 and netstat -I e1000g1 1 2 gives me same result. there should be some difference right.?? Can you please suggest some answer to the questions i have asked in the post. Thanks.. – Jay Joshi Mar 28 '18 at 6:44

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