So I need to repeatedly try submitting a 4 digit number to a port on the local host, and then evaluate the response I get from the port if it contains a specific string, which I do with grep. I used something like echo {0000...9999} | nc localhost port. However, I cannot get this nice sequence expansion that I get from this command to work in a bash script. How could I go about writing a bash script for this problem?

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    what is the differences of 0001 with 1 as ports? – αғsнιη Mar 26 '18 at 8:15

You can use within a for-loop like following:

for i in {0001..9999}; do
    grep -q 'specificString' <<<"$(nc localhost $i)" && \
    echo "found on $i" || echo "not found on $i";
  • Thank you, that's exactly what I did and was about to report on it lol. – sarpu Mar 26 '18 at 8:25

For shells that does not support brace expansions, or that does not preserve zero padding:

while [ "$i" -le 9999 ]; do
    printf '%04d\n' "$i"
    i=$(( i + 1 ))
done | nc ...other options... | grep ...etc...

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