How do a add a new line to an existing .txt file, that consists of a text string, a tab, and a value of another text file?

Precisely, I have a text file test1.txt that looks like this:

A    B

and a test2.txt file that only contains the number value 100.

What I want to do is to use a command by which I would edit the test1.txt file, and make it look like this:

A    B
C    100

I've tried using the following command:

echo -e "C \t" test2.txt>>test1.txt.

I know that by using the command


I will add a new row to test1.txt, with the value of 100, but what I'm trying to do is to add that value as a next column as I wish to make a table with data.

{ printf %s $'C\t'; cat test2.txt; } >>test1.txt


( printf %s $'C\t'; cat test2.txt ) >>test1.txt


printf %s $'C\t' >>test1.txt
cat test2.txt    >>test1.txt

or in bash

{ printf %s $'C\t'"$(<test2.txt)"; } >>test1.txt

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