I use vi-mode in oh-my-zsh with the af-magic theme.

I want the cursor style to indicate whether I am in normal mode (block) or insert mode (beam), both in zsh and in vim.

This is what I have so far:

In my ~/.zshrc:

    # vim mode config
    # ---------------

    # Activate vim mode.
    bindkey -v

    # Remove mode switching delay.

    # Change cursor shape for different vi modes.
    function zle-keymap-select {
      if [[ ${KEYMAP} == vicmd ]] ||
         [[ $1 = 'block' ]]; then
        echo -ne '\e[1 q'

      elif [[ ${KEYMAP} == main ]] ||
           [[ ${KEYMAP} == viins ]] ||
           [[ ${KEYMAP} = '' ]] ||
           [[ $1 = 'beam' ]]; then
        echo -ne '\e[5 q'
    zle -N zle-keymap-select

    # Use beam shape cursor on startup.
    echo -ne '\e[5 q'

    # Use beam shape cursor for each new prompt.
    preexec() {
       echo -ne '\e[5 q'

As found here.

In vim, I use Vundle and terminus.

With these configurations, both zsh and vim work as they should when considered independently. However, when I enter vim from zsh in insert mode, vim starts in normal mode (as it should) but still shows the beam shape cursor. Similarly, when I exit vim, I get back to zsh in insert mode, but the cursor is still in block shape (since the last mode in vim was normal).

When after this, I switch modes for the first time (in both zsh and vim), the cursor behaves the way it should again.

How can I make them display the correct cursor after entering and exiting vim as well?

I tried putting

    autocmd VimEnter * stopinsert
    autocmd VimLeave * startinsert

in my ~.vimrc, but this does not affect the cursor.


I think it's better to use precmd() instead of preexec():

# .zshrc

_fix_cursor() {
   echo -ne '\e[5 q'


This way:

  • you don't have to change .vimrc
  • cursor is fixed also when you create a new prompt without executing a command
  • you don't have to write echo -ne '\e[5 q' twice in your .zshrc.
  • yes, this is nicer and works pretty well. Thanks! :) – maddingl Jan 27 at 14:28
  • @maddingl Maybe you should consider changing the accepted answer to this one instead :) – statox Mar 19 at 11:05
  • I use zle-line-finish() { echo -ne "\e[2 q" } and it's working as well. – Gerard Nov 10 at 0:57
  • But this doesn't change back to a block when going into normal mode – Max Coplan Nov 30 at 18:17

I have found a solution:

I put this in my ~/.vimrc:

autocmd VimEnter * silent exec "! echo -ne '\e[1 q'"
autocmd VimLeave * silent exec "! echo -ne '\e[5 q'" 

You can also use zle-line-init()

zle-line-init() {
    zle -K viins # initiate `vi insert` as keymap (can be removed if `bindkey -V` has been set elsewhere)
    echo -ne "\e[5 q"

I think this problem is better solved using this, rather than precmd() or preexec() as both are intended to be used to execute commands, instead of fixing prompt.

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