I can successfully put my CentOS system in hibernate state. After a few minutes when I power up, all is as expected. Desktop and running apps are preserved. Honkey-dory.

After a few hours of hibernate when I power back up the system goes through a full reboot. Previous session not preserved.

This is my personal use machine. I like to leave my work/apps open over night or though long lunches, or whenever.

Any thoughts why Hibernate will last for only so long? Any suggestion where/what to look for?

CentOS 7.4, Linux 3.10. Hardware MSI laptop PE70 6QE. Boot config acpi=off


I was able to resolve my issue after thorough debugging following the steps found here . In my case the backlit keyboard wasn't shutting off automatically as expected. Seems to be related to MSI/Intel/Redhat combination malfunction.

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