I have installed "NetBSD JWM" in the virtual environment of VMware Workstation 14 Pro. I'd like to set wallpaper but I do not know how to do it.


To quote the authors,

Configuration of JWM is done by editing ".jwmrc".


Virtual desktops are controlled with the Desktops tag. Within this tag the following attributes are supported.

  • width The number of virtual desktops in the horizontal direction. The default is 4.
  • height The number of virtual desktops in the vertical direction. The default is 1. Within the Desktops tag the following tags are supported.

    • Background The default background for desktops. The type attribute determines the type of background and the text contained within this tag is the value.

      Valid types are:

      • solid A solid color. See Colors. This is the default.
      • gradient A gradient color. See Colors.
      • image A stretched image.
      • scale A scaled image.
      • tile A tiled image.
      • command A command to be run for setting the background.
  • Thanks a lot Christopher. I set it up as below. <!-- Virtual Desktops --> <!-- Desktop tags can be contained within Desktops for desktop names. --> <Desktops width="4" height="1"> <!-- Default background. Note that a Background tag can be contained within a Desktop tag to give a specific background for that desktop. --> <Background type="solid">#7CFC00</Background> I'm really thankful to you.
    – Usuha
    Mar 23 '18 at 4:36
  • What kind of command is "command A command to be run for setting the background."?
    – Usuha
    Mar 23 '18 at 4:53
  • A command to display a movie or animated gif or some program output.. Mar 23 '18 at 11:52
  • Is that thing like "imagemagick & ffmpeg" etc? Because I do not have much knowledge and skills, <Background type = "solid"> # 7 CFC00 </ Background> What kind of description is required after this? Is it possible to specifically teach me a professor? Thank you.
    – Usuha
    Mar 23 '18 at 22:07

You can set the background image interactively if you install feh.

feh --no-fehbg --bg-fill some-image.jpg

(I use the optional --no-fehbg switch to avoid writing the ~/.fehbg file.)

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