I am using Cygwin version 2.10.0 with perl 5.26.0. I need to change getopts.pl to Getopt::Std but what to do with &Getopts('F:f:'); line then?

#! /usr/bin/perl
require "getopts.pl" ;

# Perl script to take particle data and
# plot using (in this case) GMT to 
# produce a postscript file of specified size.
# Assumption is that this is a frame for a movie
# and hence that time information is meaningful

# Options:   -f: Filename for input data
# Options:   -F: Filename (root) for output data

# default values for parameters if not specified
if($opt_F eq "") {
  $opt_F = "ascii-conversion";

# Read the particle file ...   Assume 2D !! 
open(PAR,"< $opt_f") || die "File not found $opt_f\n";
open(OUT,"> $opt_F") || die "File not found $opt_F\n";
# open(OUT,">$name") || die "Cannot open file $name : $!\n";

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See Getopt::Std: You should be able to just replace

require "getopts.pl";


use Getopt::Std;

If you also use warnings; and use strict; (as is generally recommended), you'll need to declare the variables beforehand with our ($opt_F, $opt_f);. Alternatively, you can use a hash:

getopts('F:f:', \my %opts);
$opts{f} # instead of $opt_f
$opts{F} # instead of $opt_F
  • Thank you so much..first part worked. no needed to use declaration of variables. – Naside Ozer Mar 22 '18 at 18:41

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