I am trying to find a way to automate the process of merging multi-track .bin + .cue files into a single .bin and .cue. I have a collection of PSX roms, and they all come in bin and cue format. And I am trying to follow the directions here in order to create a "playlist" .m3u file.

It recommends merging the multi-track files (they are audio channels of the image) using IsoBuster to mount the .cue file, then "burn" it to a singular .bin file.

I don't have Windows, and I have over 200 games I would need to do this for. So if I could automate it that would be great.

Anyone have any suggestions for CLI tools to use?

I've read previous answers about bin2iso and bchunk but apparently they don't work for .bin files with multiple track files. I.e. the sound won't work when the game is played.



I have published a tool for merging the multi-bin files into a single .bin/.cue pair.

You can find it Here

Original Answer:

For those also looking for a solution. I have come across a python script that seems to work. So far I've tested it with a couple files and it seems to be working.

You can find the script here.

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