He everybody,

I couldn't find an answer to my question, so here goes:

I want to make a "job" that replaces / distributes 10000+ PDF-files from 1 directory to a unique folder where "the same" PDF (only PDF name is the same) is already.

Example: directories with 10000+ PDF-files = /my_dir/backup there are 10000+ random PDF's, like 143079.pdf, 493857.pdf and 888675.pdf

The "job" has to search for the folder where 143079.pdf is already in, for example: its located in /os_dir/pdf/EDFR_29384_euendho and replace it. So the "job" will see /my_dir/backup/143079.pdf and start searching in the folder on /os_dir/pdf/ and will find it in /os_dir/pdf/EDFR_29384_euendho/. He has to replace 143079.pdf in /os_dir/pdf/EDFR_29384_euendho/ with the 143079.pdf from /my_dir/backup/. He has to do this 10000+ times with all random PDF's and all random folders.

What is the best way to do this?


find + bash solution:

find . -type f -name "*.pdf" -exec bash -c \
'p="/my_dir/backup/"; bn=${1##*/}; 
 [[ "$1" != $p* ]] && [[ -f "${p}$bn" ]] && cp "${p}$bn" "$1"' _ {} \;

  • p="/my_dir/backup/" - path to the initial (crucial) directory
  • bn=${1##*/} - file's basename
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