I need to create bunch of new users with given password. What I want is a script that I would pass the user name of new user and it will create/add the user and set its password. (the password is the same for all new users - no security issues here.)

Any suggestions how to do that on SuSE from command line?


Does SuSE useradd have the -p option? That takes the password (albeit in encrypted form, but you should be able to generate that I think).

So useradd -p <crypt'ed password> <new username> should do it I think

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You can create a shell script like this:

echo "Type the username:"
echo "Type the pass:"
stty -echo
read PWD
stty echo
useradd -p ${PWD} ${USERNAME}
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Can be done in two steps. First create users with useradd command On the second run something like this

cat 1.txt | while read line; do echo "12345" | passwd --stdin $(echo ${line}); done

where 1.txt is a file containing the list of logins.

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