While I have managed to build debug symbols, they don't appear in .nix-profile/lib/debug when installing via nix-env -iA nixos.kube(.debug) I can manually point gdb to the relevant debug symbol paths, but those paths change with every update so it's rather inconvenient.

Example debug symbol paths that I have are: /nix/store/vnrpfx28cgq3ajgmk3a83js5ykr22c3z-kube-develop-debug/lib/debug/ /nix/store/qp6x1aba28430qks5jsfllxsmpgyv30l-sink-develop-debug/lib/debug/

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For system-wide packages they will be installed by enabling environment.enableDebugInfo = true in configuration.nix

This is implemented in this module

In home manager this can be achieved by using home.extraOutputsToInstall = ["debug"];

For home manager NIX_DEBUG_INFO_DIRS should then also include ~/.nix-profile/lib/debug.

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