On a new installation of Solaris 11.3 on Sparc hardware, I'm trying to install Golang but am getting the following problem:

# pkg install --accept developer/golang
Creating Plan (Solver setup): |
pkg install: No matching version of developer/golang can be installed:
  Reject:  pkg://solaris/developer/golang@1.7-
  Reason:  No version for 'require' dependency on release/evaluation can be found

I'm new to Solaris but have installed a few other things via pkg and am also familiar with other packaging systems on Linux systems (rpm, apt, etc).

What am I missing?

The missing dependency on release/evaluation doesn't seem to be something I can install, and I've seen a post about 11.4 and FOSS software installs not having nasty "surprises" like 11.3 (which I think I've just found), but I can't see what those surprises are.

NB: if it's relevant, I'm not currently using zones/etc, I'm just treating the system as one machine.


The release/evaluation package has been removed from the repository to prevent any further installations of the fairly dated evaluation packages as these present issues in updates going forward. If you're interested in trying golang, we'd recommend installing the 11.4 beta release that's now available, see http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/solaris11/114beta/solaris114beta-4257760.html

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  • Thanks - I think that answers the question. Sadly, 11.4 is out of the question for me - my hardware is fairly old (T3) and not supported by 11.4 anymore (11.3 is the last release to support my CPU). – user426445 Mar 20 '18 at 22:33

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