I am using an software which has a TUI and I would like to use it on a virtual terminal. The software uses Alt+ and Alt+ shortkeys to do perform some tasks. So I need to either disable, or change the predefined behaviour of those key combination on my linux machine (which currently switches between virtual terminals and X session)

So how can I change Alt+ shortkey ?


Assuming Linux (not FreeBSD...).

This should disable the special features on Alt+Left or Alt+Right, leaving only Alt+Fn keys working to change console. It should be run on a console and requires root to load a new keymap:

dumpkeys > backup-keymap
dumpkeys | sed 's/Decr_Console/Left/g;s/Incr_Console/Right/g' | loadkeys

To revert, use loadkeys < backup-keymap, or restart some system keyboard configuration tool.

I don't know how to integrate this correctly at boot in a keymap. It might depend on Distribution (and if using systemd ...)

The file /etc/console-setup/remap.inc on Debian might give more clues on how to properly override the keyboard instead of those low level commands, on Debian.

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