i have a difficult thing to set up Xorg on my laptop nvidia optimus, Allienware M11x R3 Intel i7-4xxx Nvidia gt 540M and intel driver Ram 8 GB When i install Xorg on Freebsd and startx It failed I tried to create spesicif driver to enable just one driver because my laptop cant run both driver on Freebsd ,i tried all driver Vesa, Sfcb, and Intel and Nvidia on /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/driver-vesa.conf. Or intel-driver.conf or nvidia-driver.conf But it cant load and get same error I tried to figure out to run X -configure And tried startx again again, it it still same

When i tun TrueOS It works when i run X -cofigure then strartx ! enter image description here

And the error outputs on freebsd when i run Startx without X -configure https://pastebin.com/P8APnSn5

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