I have a huge collection of family photos which I don't really need full resolution of. I want to use mogrify but I tried it on a sample set of images and it seems that it sets modification time of files to current time. Is there any way to preserve modification/create time of original image (for both EXIF data and linux's native file modification times which you can view using stat)?

  • maybe you can use jpegoptim instead which includes a -p option that preserves modification time. jpegoptim is good at reducing file size, but as the name suggests, only works for jpgs. For pngs, I use a workaround like below answer too. – Blauhirn Feb 2 at 14:25

You could always do it with a bit of scripting:

exiftool  -q -r -ext jpg -if '
    $ImageWidth > 1000 ||
    $ImageHeight > 1000 and
      !print "$Directory/$Filename\0"' . |
  xargs -r0 sh -c '
    for file do
      mv -i "$file" "$file.back" &&
        convert -resize "1000x1000>" "$file.back" "$file" &&
        touch -r "$file.back" "$file"
    done' sh

Here resizing the images so they fit into a bounding box of 1000x1000.

  • exiftool is used to find the images that need resizing
  • convert resizes them (doesn't touch the exif info)
  • touch -r restores the original timestamp from the backup file

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