I have myfile.conf with this content:

ServerAlias *.mysite.com

I'm trying to convert to:

ServerAlias *.xxmysite.com

but I get:

ServerAlias *.xx.mobilsem.com

areemplazar="ServerAlias *."
reemplazo="ServerAlias *.xx"
sed -i ''  -- "s|${areemplazar}|${reemplazo}|g"  ./myfile.conf

When I use escape points like "ServerAlias *." , there is no reeplace.

What am I doing wrong ?


Period . and asterisk * as regex metacharacters should be escaped to treat them literally:

Sample input file:

$ cat input.txt
ServerAlias *.mysite.com

sed 's/ServerAlias \*\./&xx/' input.txt
ServerAlias *.xxmysite.com

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