There should be a tool to create such actions in Caja (default file manager in Mate desktop environment), installed with

sudo apt install caja-actions

But it doesn't seem to work, as indicated here.

In my case, this tool is in the start menu, but it doesn't launch (Mint Mate 18.3, based on Ubuntu 16.04).

How to create such actions manually?

This is posted in order to provide an answer.

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It works in the same way as for Nautilus and PCManFM, after installing caja-actions and ensuring it is selected in Caja - Preferences - Extensions.

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Create the folder ~/.local/share/file-manager/actions.

With xed as text manager - adding an action to open a file as text, open a terminal and run

xed ~/.local/share/file-manager/actions/open_as_text.desktop

with these lines:

[Desktop Entry]
Tooltip=Open as text
Name=Open as text

[X-Action-Profile profile-zero]
Exec=xed %f
Name=Open as text

Save and restart Caja.

enter image description here

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After installing caja-actions, reboot the pc, then run

$ caja-actions-config-tool

or open it from the menu.

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