I installed VirtualBoxAddition and i still cant have resolution higher than 800x600 in full-screen mode. I did it in various ways

  • Input , Insert Guest Addition CD, or by downloading iso and opening it from inside VM
  • Then i tried typing in terminal either sudo ./VBoxAddition.run or sh ./VBoxAddition.run

There goes few lines, which last is "Starting Virtual Box Addition" and no errors. After rebooting CentOS, whole VM or even host computer i still cant enable 16:9 resolution by Auto-Resize. I also checked for logs in cd /var/log There are few of them - vboxadd-install.log - vboxadd-setup.log - vboxadd-setup.log.1 - vboxadd-setup.log.2 - vboxadd-setup.log.3 - vboxadd-setup.log.4 - vboxadd-unintall.log

Inside them: (checked by nano )

  • vboxadd-install

    groupadd: group 'vboxadd' already exists

  • vboxadd-setup.log https://pastebin.com/YRXHCZUF

  • vboxadd-setup.log.1

    Removing existing VirtualBox kernel modules.

  • vboxadd-setup.log.2 pastebin.com/jzkKyRqh

  • vboxadd-setup.log.3 Removing existing VirtualBox kernel modules.

  • vboxadd-setup.log.4 https://pastebin.com/8fFvDyGT

vboxadd-uninstall.log is empty.

Could anyone please help me, i dont know what to do to get full screen 16:9 resolution on my computer in Centos & Virtual Box?

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It seems that installation has successfully passed. Ensure that you have vboxadd-service.service and vboxadd.service started:

systemctl -t service|grep vbox

If services started, then reboot your guest machine. During the boot, when GRUB menu will be showed, press e to edit boot menu entry. Find line with linux16 (kernel parameters line) and put in the end vga=ask, then press Ctrl+x for boot. Therefore the linux kernel ask you to select appropriate graphical mode. If selected mode is convenient for you, save vga=<your_choice> to /boot/grub2/grub.conf for further boots.

  • Thank you a lot but i have few problems. After pressing e on boot screen and pasting vga=over, i could choose few resolutions but not one i need: 1366x768 of my laptop. Resolutions there are either too small or too big, some even makes system unable to boot. I tried editing grub.conf file with "vga=1366x768" but there was no file with this name (only grub.cfg). I wrote this line in grub.cfg and newly made grub.conf but it not helped me. Default resolution is still 4:3 800x600 with black boxes on sides of screen,
    – λjk.jk
    Mar 17, 2018 at 1:25
  • @YurijGoncharuk this could be a trick, but how to get auto-resize working? May 10, 2019 at 13:45

To add a custom resolution for the guest (e.g. for a 1440p display):

$ vboxmanage setextradata "your vm" CustomVideoMode1 2560x1440x32
$ vboxmanage controlvm "your vm" setvideomodehint 2560 1440 32

Where your vm is the name from Machine > Settings > General > Basic > Name in VirtualBox Manager.

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