I have an installation script for my software and I need it to run on both, Linux and AIX.

On Linux I can use a wrapper myinstaller.ksh like this one:

script -c myrealinstaller.ksh /var/log/myinstaller.log

But on AIX script does not support the -c option.

How can I run my myrealinstaller.ksh inside the forked shell created by script?


You could enhance your wrapper script to detect the OS; if it's running on Linux, execute script -c ..., but if it's running on AIX, give the script-shell an overridden profile that only runs your installer, then exits:

$ cat myinstaller.ksh

case $(uname -s) in
        script -c myrealinstaller.ksh /var/log/myinstaller.log
        printf "ENV= ./myrealinstaller.ksh\nexit\n" > ./installer.profile
        trap 'rm -f ./installer.profile' INT
        ENV=./installer.profile script -q ./var/log/myinstaller.log
        rm ./installer.profile

I adjusted the paths to the script and logs to test it locally. The other factors involved are:

  • setting ENV to point to the overridden profile as we call script
  • calling script with -q to quiet it down a bit
  • importantly, unsetting ENV during the call to the real installer, so that we don't loop infinitely
  • telling the overridden profile to exit as soon as the installer is done

With a sample myrealinstaller.ksh of:

echo Hi, I am the real installer

The contents of ./var/log/myinstaller.log are:

Script command is started on Thu Mar 15 09:34:04 2018.
Hi, I am the real installer

Script command is complete on Thu Mar 15 09:34:04 2018.
  • Nice, this works very well. The only problem I found is the installer.profile which is not removed if the real installer is interrupted by ctrl+c.
    – Patrick
    Mar 15 '18 at 15:05
  • Glad to hear that it works, @P.Jksch! I've added a line to remove the installer.profile intermediate file if the user hits Control-C.
    – Jeff Schaller
    Mar 15 '18 at 15:20

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