I'm looking for an offline speech recognition software for Linux which can handle also German language and which is easy to use and configure.

I already tried CMU Sphinx and a few more others, but all of them had one in common: they have been way too complicated to install/use, mainly because of lack of a good manual and also because of a very crude concept (I try to avoid the word "usability" in this context).

So...is there a speech recognition software out there which can be set-up and configured in finite time, is able to execute scripts on recognised commands and works fully offline, means does not need a cloud service or remote server to analyse spoken words? I'm also willing to pay money for a working and usable solution!

Every hint and idea is welcome!


PS: I'm aware of the thread Is there any decent speech recognition software for Linux? - but the answers given there do NOT point to offline solutions!


It's worth keeping an eye on what Michael Sheldon is doing: http://blog.mikeasoft.com/2017/12/30/speech-recognition-mozillas-deepspeech-gstreamer-and-ibus/

Caveat: it is not yet of any practical use, in my opinion. BUT... after struggling and struggling to configure things I was eventually able to get recognition of spoken words (in English... I have no idea about German).

Mike Sheldon is using the DeepSpeech model from Mozilla, which sounds good.

The comments on that page (my comment no. 100 was when I managed to get some speech recognition) seem to have stopped in July 2018. I have no idea whether he's still working on it.


Try nerd-dictation (demo video).

I ran into the same problem and ended up writing my own tool, while it has some opinionated decisions I find it generally works well for basic dictation needs (based on the excellent VOSK-API).

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