cat /sys/devices/platform/macb/net/eth0/ctrl and the output is 43, and this number changes everytime I want to read.

I know sysfs is the virtual file system from the kernel that is exported to user-space. I want to know what are those numbers are?

EDIT: I'm using Linux kernel 3.10.105 and it's the Busybox Unix tools I use.

Below is the ls of network interface dir.

ls /sys/devices/platform/macb/net/eth0/
addr_assign_type  broadcast         dev_id            duplex            ifindex           macb-ffffffff     netdev_group      speed             tx_queue_len
addr_len          carrier           device            flags             iflink            macb-ffffffff:00  operstate         statistics        type
address           ctrl              dormant           ifalias           link_mode         mtu               queues            subsystem         uevent
  • I'm trying to find this in the source code. I can't find the ctrl attribute for sysfs. [1] which OS/kernel are you using? [2] what other attributes do you see under /sys/devices/platform/macb/net/eth0/? – Tgilgul Mar 21 '18 at 19:20

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