I'm trying to run the xpenguins on my linux mint 18.1 Mate (After watching someone doing it on his desktop on a youtube tutorial video). But when I run it I get this output:

Redrawing overwritten desktop icons

Only command that works is CTRL-C.
So what can I do to fix it?


After doing some research on this topic , I found out present Desktop Environments are causing the problem(they draw Desktop over root-Desktop or something like that. Check this for more info).
So I searched more about this issue and found something on launchpad. Still can't solve my problem.
Finally found something useful on linux mint forum and lifewire blog. So here's what I did to see those penguins walking(and merry making) on my desktop.
1. Install openbox using sudo apt install openbox obconf
2. Logout of your current session and start a openbox session.(in Linux Mint I can do that by session -> openbox and then loging in).
3. Right-click any where and start terminal. Type xpenguins (if not already installed do it by doing sudo apt install xpenguins) and those penguins will appear without any issue. 4. To kill those cute little penguins , hit CTRL-C.


Try using IceWM window manager. It worked for me

  • Any wm which doesn't distrub the root window will work ,I think. – Abinash Dash Jul 25 '19 at 4:44

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