I installed the GNotifier extension to Thunderbird. The resulting notifications did not leave a persistent sign anywere in the GNOME desktop interface, which is what I installed GNotifier for.

When I removed GNotifier, I stopped receiving email popup notifications. I tried reinstalling GNotifier, resetting the notification type to Thunderbirds default, and removing GNotifier again, but for some reason that didn't seem to work for me either.

I don't want to wipe my Thunderbird profile, but I want my mail notifications back! Help!


Preferences -> Advanced -> Config Editor

Reset mail.biff.show_alert. After resetting it, the value will be true.

There were so many "user set" preferences, I had to search for "notif" and then "alert" before I found the problem.

("biff is a mail notification system for UNIX", in case you're puzzled where than name comes from).

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