How do I find the DHCP lease time when I am using systemd-networkd?

My network is defined in /etc/systemd/network/eth0.network:



There are other question on this site asking for the same information but they weren't using systemd-networkd but dhclient or some other method.

I've tried looking in journalctl to no avail. I’m using ArchLinux.

  • Try grep lease /var/log/syslog. – Tomasz Mar 11 '18 at 15:36
  • @tomasz forgot to mention that I’m using ArchLinux which uses journald not syslog. I’ve updated the question – DarkHeart Mar 11 '18 at 23:02

Depending on the OS; Enabling debug isn't always necessary.

systemd-networkd should store the lease info under /run/systemd/netif/leases/


cat /run/systemd/netif/leases/2


Per Lennart's post here, you have to change systemd-networkd log level to debug.
If you wanted to have it on all the time you could use a drop-in unit:

mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.service.d
cat << IN > /etc/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.service.d/10-debug.conf
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart systemd-networkd

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