I saw How to manage startup applications in Debian 9?

At that time, gnome-tweak-tool was the go-to-tool however, since a few days, that app. is not there anymore.

I am running on Debian buster.

https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/gnome-tweak-tool. See the news section and specifically https://tracker.debian.org/news/931994

I even tried out a version from snapshot but it didn't do anything for couple of apps. which I wanted to be there right from boot.

I tried bum only to see and understand that it's a run-level editor, useful but not for the scenario I have in mind which is simply asking the system to start some services after logging on to the desktop. Even systemd-ui which was a separate package in no longer there.

So how can we do the same in mate ?

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To figure out what happened to a package, you need to look at the removal reason from unstable, not testing. In gnome-tweak-tool’s case, this is given as “RoM; source package has been renamed to gnome-tweaks”, and true enough, there is now a gnome-tweaks source package, which builds a gnome-tweaks binary package and a gnome-tweak-tool transitional package.

The MATE equivalent is mate-tweak. However in MATE, you configure your startup applications in the main control centre, using the “Startup Applications” applet.

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