I am able to open on file at a time using cat -- -file00 but I want to open multiple files at once. Tried using find, can't figure it out.

find ./ -name '*.txt' exec cat {} \;

find ./ -name '*.txt' exec grep 'inhere' {} \;

None of this working. I have multiple files in the dir in this form: -file00 -file01 -file03 -file04 -file05 -file06


-name '*.txt' is to match on files whose name ends in .txt. That won't match yours. Use a pattern that matches your files:

find . -name '-file*' -exec cat {} +


cat ./-file*

if they are all in the current directory (would also have the benefit of concatenating those files ordered alphabetically contrary to find which list files in random order).

Note that the -- is not needed above as the arguments passed to cat all start with ./, not -.

For a more specific match (only -file followed by exactly two decimal digits): ./-file[0-9][0-9]

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You can also use xargs if you'd like.

find ./ -name '-file0*' | xargs cat 

As noted above none of your files actually have .txt as an extension. If they did you could replace -file0* with *.txt

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