I have two hard disks mounted at src/ and tgt/ respectively. There are a enough hard links in src/ that rsync -a src/ tgt made the destination disk run out of space. I have learnt that I should have additionally used the -H option so that hard links in src/ become hard links in tgt/.

If I run rsync -aH src/ tgt now, will distinct files in tgt/ that are instead hardlinks in src/ be converted to hardlinks in tgt/ so that the disk doesn't run out of space?

(The clearest option seems to be to delete the contents of tgt/ and run rsync again with -H, but I am curious.)

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Since you are considering deleting tgt anyway, why don't you try running rsync with -H to see what happens?

The hard links will be created and space will be saved.

  • Yes, this is a good point.
    – oadams
    Mar 8, 2018 at 10:45

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