I have a script in which I am running this command:

pv -s `du -sb file1.data | awk '{s += $1} END {print s}'`

And it gives below error:

pv: -s: integer argument expected

So when I ran this command du -sb file1.data | awk '{s += $1} END {print s}', it looks like output coming as:


So how can I solve this issue?

  • This depends (at least) on your version of awk and on which system you are on. Try using printf instead of s +=, you can also modify the output way easier. But allow me one question: why? What do you use this statement for? – Lenniey Feb 28 '18 at 7:40

Just format it using printf:

du -sb file1.data | awk '{s += $1} END {printf "%d\n", s}'

Or maybe you need %ld for really huge numbers:

du -sb file1.data | awk '{s += $1} END {printf "%ld\n", s}'

And if that fails (like I tested on FreeBSD with numbers like 1e32), then try this:

du -sb file1.data | python -c $'import sys\nt=0\nfor line in sys.stdin:\n    t += int(line.split()[0])\nprint(t)'

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