The firefox fullscreen animation is too slow for me. I have a relatively small screen, so I want a quick way to fill my screen with content. How do I make the animation faster?

Version: firefox-58.0.2-1.fc27.x86_64 (Fedora Linux 27)

Additional clues

I have two separate user accounts. One of them is fine, but the other is too slow.

In one of the user accounts, I have notes suggesting that I set browser.fullscreen.animateUp as mentioned by this article. However, this setting can no longer be found in about:config.

In both user accounts, I use GNOME and have enabled the Impatience extension to GNOME, set to 0.66 of the default delay. I have notes suggesting that this was also a very useful step to help with Firefox fullscreen animation specifically. I can see no other settings in Impatience. Setting the delay to zero does not fix my problem.

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Since Firefox 77, there is no config option for this.

There may be a more complex solution: https://superuser.com/questions/1558881/how-to-disable-firefox-address-bar-animation-on-fullscreen/1560428#1560428

Before Firefox 77

browser.fullscreen.animateUp was removed at some point. Instead, you can edit the preference toolkit.cosmeticAnimations.enabled.

Found by searching for anim in about:config. (And also, in the good profile I clicked on the "Status" column to sort it so all the "modified" preferences were together, so I could see that this particular "anim" preference was one that I had changed).

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