When connecting to a ftp via terminal, everthing is fine.

When using lftp instead, I'm constantly getting timed out and can never sync the folder content. But why?


lftp -c "
open $HOST
user $USER $PASS
mirror --delete --verbose $FSOURCE $FTARGET

Result: login is successful, but then getting an info about incorrect PASV mode, then then nothing ever happens.

<--- 230 User <username> logged in
---> PWD
<--- 257 "/" is the current directory
---> PBSZ 0
<--- 200 PBSZ 0 successful
---> PROT P
<--- 200 Protection set to Private
---> PASV
<--- 227 Entering Passive Mode (...).
---- Address returned by PASV seemed to be incorrect and has been fixed
---- Connecting data socket to (...) port 65242

I also tried set ftp:passive-mode false to force active mode. Result:

---> PORT ...
<--- 500 Illegal PORT command
---- Switching passive mode on
---> LIST
---> ABOR
---- Closing aborted data socket
---- Closing control socket

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It turned out normal ftp command via terminal was still successful. I could fix lftp preventing the use of ssl. Probably the ftp owner disabled this suddenly.

set ftp:ssl-allow off;

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