I deployed both a FreeBSD 10.3 and a OpenBSD 6.2 VM in VMWare Fusion 10 + Vagrant + High Sierra.

However, they both hang when running:

sudo tcpdump -n port 53

What is happening here?


Apparently, from what I found on this ticket tcpdump in toolbox causes a headless vagrant (vmware_fusion) CoreOS instance to hang #1377, it is a VMWare Fusion bug.

It sounds like this is a VMware Fusion bug, and I'm going to go out on a limb and assume it's been fixed by now. Please reopen if any of that appears to be incorrect.

Also in this ticket, it is said the workarounds that work for being able to do a promiscuous tcpdump is either doing:

sudo touch '/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/promiscAuthorized'


Open “VMware Fusion > Preferences”, click on the “Network” tab, click the lock in the bottom left corner, authenticate as an admin user, and uncheck the “require authentication to enter promiscuous mode” box.


Set ethernet.promptForPromisc = FALSE in the VM’s .vmx file, where Number corresponds to the ethernet adapter the VM is trying to tcpdump.

(Yes, I understand the security implications)

Effectively, for testing, after touching /Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/promiscAuthorized, I launched the VMs, and they to not hang anymore when running a tcpdump.

I will in the future use the solution of editing the .vmx and setting ethernet.promptForPromisc = FALSE, for not affecting all VMs with the promiscAuthorized setting.

See also not able to shutdown or destroy a crashed Vagrant box

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